In my last post, I believe I said something about writing the next day…but Ha!  I put that “I Hope” disclaimer in there.  Whew.

I’m working on a large scale project right now, that is incredibly inspiring but has been fraught with failure.  The creative business, man.  Try, fail.  Try, fail.  Try…foiled again!  Sometimes a success, and then another fail.  But the successes are worth it, for sure.  If this project actually pans out I’m really excited about the possibilities…large scale is FUN!  I’ll share the picture next week if things turn out as I hope they shall.


Kid post alert!

Nonnie brought some Christmas donuts home for the boys last week; red, green and white sprinkles.  Here’s a shot from the DD website, because I didn’t think of capturing a donut on camera.

When Ryan sees it, you know what comes out of his mouth?  Not “A Christmas Donut!” It’s “Wow, this donut is the color of the Mexican and Italian Flags!” And then he proceeds to tell us about the Mexican War of Independence.  Yah.  He is his father’s son.  After the war spiel, he gave Nonnie and I some Word Problems and said “these are tricky, I’ll be back for your answers!”  He’s really great at math in his head.  I am not.  Again, his father’s son.

On littlest brother {Jack pronounced himself the “medium” brother this week}, well, I have always heard this myth of the Easy Baby.  Really?  Are there such things?  At the beginning I thought we might have been blessed with one, but this child.  Geeze.  No rest for the weary!  He’s going to be a go-getter.  An insomniac go-getter.  A stubborn insomniac go-getter.  Maybe he’ll accomplish great things!  Surely! And this exhausted momma stage will all be worth it.  I for-see exhausted momma for the next…forever, actually.

Just look at him conversing up there!  I love the little faces; the thoughts running through his head.  I wish I could know those thoughts.  He really is a happy, happy baby.  Not easy. 🙂  But happy!  95% of the time.

You know what I need?  Selfishly?  An eyebrow wax and a haircut.  And a back massage (Oye, the aching newborn mother back) and a pedicure (Oye, the aching newborn mother feet).  And let’s throw a facial in there too.  Ta-da!  Spa day!  When I think of all the world’s problems, that all seems incredibly self-serving.  But darn it…a spa day would be great.  Truly.  And then maybe a new outfit?  Actually, before Luke was born I was about to throw out my wardrobe, which consists of about 10 stretched out, years-old Gap t-shirts.  Can I say I am SO GLAD I didn’t throw them out!  I go through about 3 a day!  Once we are past the spitting up stage…new outfit(s).  In the meantime I shall shlub along, looking classy in worn out t-shirts, wild eyebrows and crazy hair.

Ok, time to settle in, for my very disrupted night of sleep.  Yay for God and Coffee!