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Our tradition!  Those glasses above?  From Arby’s circa 1986. That year we started having parfaits; vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed candy cane.  This year we veered a bit and added brownies to the mix.  The brownies are staying. 🙂

Oh, Christmas zoomed right upon us, didn’t it?  I think it’s been slightly difficult for me to get in the groove because of the weather; it finally decided to snow today, so I’m feeling in the spirit; after I post this blog I need to start wrapping!  Have wrapped nary a thing!  Eek!  A couple more signs to make…a few crafty things to do; it’ll be a busy day.  But fun, most definitely.

Every year I want to get more into the decorating spirit.  I’ve done it up fairly well in the past, but this year…again…too busy to do much.  I put up my favorite sparkly sign, though.

Ryan found one of Ms. Marietta’s snowmen up in the attic and put him on the porch; today I noticed that he was pointed towards the nativity at church.  Excuse the dirty window!

Right now I’m sitting in this beautiful living room; it’s very peaceful.  The older boys are with daddy, and I’m here with little man so we can stay away from prying little eyes and get a few things accomplished.  The Christmas music is playing, the fire is blazing…ahhh.  Love Mom and Dad’s house; it’s such a nice respite!  Dad just snapped this one.  So pretty.

Few of the baby; took this one yesterday.  It’s his 4 and a half month photo.  These days he moves, constantly, and chomps on his fingers like there’s no tomorrow.  Sleep has been interesting because he keeps rolling over every 20 minutes and waking himself up.  Wiggly, adorable kid.

Playing with the boys!  He’s gonna be scooting across the room soon; I rue the day. I just think life is non-stop now…yikes.

Had another custom order this week; a quote from It’s a Wonderful Life.  Appropriate for this time of year, no?

Ok, it’s almost lunch time and I’ve got a pile of things to get to!  Wishing you all Happy Holidays (I, for one, LOVE that phrase)  🙂 and a Merry Christmas!  Joyeux Noel!  Feliz Navidad!  Be Blessed, you guys.