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Thanks y’all, so much for praying.  Blogging and Facebook?  They are awesome.  Put the word out and people come to the rescue!  I absolutely have some prayer warrior friends, and your prayers have lifted us all up.

So…mom and dad arrived in Clovis last night.  Grandma’s obstruction seems to be GONE, on it’s own.  She does have pneumonia; mom emailed me last night and it was auto-corrected to “phenomena” and I thought, well, that’s appropriate because my grandma is phenomenal! 🙂

I just talked to my awesome best friend; haven’t talked to my parents yet, but Joy stopped by to visit with grandma and mom and just called to give me the details that she could gather.  Yay for best friends!  She had pretty much reiterated the pneumonia thing and said she looked good for what all she has been through!  Joy is a nurse so she was able to give me some good details.  Get better, grandma, you hear??

Please continue to keep them in your prayers…it’s all so very appreciated.

On to the lesser news, yesterday I received a check that I had forgotten I was going to get, and I said “Honey, I am booking a massage RIGHT now!!” And I did, and I had it this morning.  Glory Be. I need one of those every darn day.  I had so many kinks and knots in my back!  So my massage was half soothing half pummeling, just to work those knots out.  It was AH-mazing.

It was scheduled for 9 am in Brewer, so I took off around 7:45 and stopped by DD (thank you Dan and Cais!) and grabbed breakfast for the road.  It was a glorious morning, y’all.  It reminded me of my “working days”…I used to be a morning person pre-kids!  I had a commute that wound it’s way through the mountains in Virginia…we lived very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, so I drove through the mountains to get to the city.  It was such a nice drive!  Anyway, while on the road to Brewer this morning, the trees and grass were covered in sparkling frost.  Gorgeous.  And KLove was playing every appropriate song imaginable…including my fave Chris Tomlin song.  Really God?  Yeah.  It felt like a morning that was heaven-sent.  And I loved that it reminded me of a time in my life I really enjoyed.  Brought back some great Virginia memories!

After my soothing pummel at the salon (A Body in Knead…Dawn was amazing), I skipped over to Target and fairly ran through the store; I wish I had taken my time, but when you have a baby whom you haven’t been apart from very often, you just can’t take your time doing these things.  😉  I was highly inspired, though, and bought two living room lamp bases that were on a huge-ola sale.  Can’t wait to integrate them into our room! I feel a crafty project coming on!

So, for now, I am revived.  I’m still tired, but that’s my life right now.  My spirits are good, and that is what matters!  Oh, and I can’t wait for my next kid-free few hours.  Love my littles.  But being out of the house with no spit up to clean or boys to mind for a bit?  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

By the way, great new piece of art out by Katie Daisy; I own this piece…

 but Holly posted one of Katie’s new ones and I’m in love.  Very appropriate for the New Year, I think.

I love my life right now, but I’m excited to see what Fresh Woods God has in store!

If I don’t post until next year, have fun and party hardy!  I will be, as I have been for the last, oh, 10 years, tucked into my bed.  Probably awake with a baby, but hopefully in bed, none-the-less.  I’ll share some custom signs I worked on next post, fun stuff! Have a great one. 🙂