Poof! I disappeared from the internets for a while, didn’t I?  In all honesty I’ve just been trying to fight off the whineys lately.  And I don’t want to come online and just whine, whine, whine. I feel like my posts have been a bit too much of that recently.  But bear with me I will write a bit of it down…just so I can come back to this someday and say

“Hey!  I got through that!”  

Or so my boys can someday read and go

“Mother!  I’m so sorry I put you through that!  Here, let me lavish you with praise and adoration and expensive gifts for all you put up with!”

Long story short…

post-Christmas blues.  grandmothers in hospitals.  life changes for family.

clingy baby who takes very short naps.

Five year old who has morphed into a teenager the last few weeks.  He looks at me and tells me “NO!” when something happens that he thinks is not fair {as in “time to turn off the wii, honey}.  Maybe I’ve been lucky, but so far I’ve never had to deal with a child outright telling me “NO!” to my face before.  He is defiant with a capital D lately.  And it’s driving me right up a wall…having to deal with his disrespect on very little sleep while holding a cranky baby on a hip.  In the midst of a messy house.  Un-showered.  Hormonal.  Jeepers.

And my newly-turned 7 year old is actually being fairly decent…but it’s the fade-into-the-background kind of decent.  When you know he needs attention just as much as the rest of them,  but he’s just not as loud.  So he’s kind of easy to overlook, which makes you very sad.  Because ALL of your children need appropriate attention.

SO.  That being said…from myself to MY mom…

“Mother!  I’m so sorry I put you through that!  Here, let me lavish you with praise and adoration and expensive gifts for all you put up with!”

Or at least a spa day and some shopping. 🙂  I love you so.

I promise the shop is still here.  I promise there are good things around the corner.  I can’t promise that I’ll be creating them.  In all honesty, I had to take a good look at my priorities while mom and dad were in NM after Christmas.  I could NOT make a go of the sign shop without them.  It would be impossible.  And now that they are back in Maine, it still seems a wee bit unmanageable.  Either {create} or {clean the house}.  That’s my life in this particular phase, once the baby takes his little naps.  So I think I’ll pass the sign making off to them for a bit, and just help when I have a moment for the time being.  However, we’ve been knocking around some ideas and trying to perfect the way the signs are assembled.  We’ve also actually gone through the legal stuff of starting an official business!  I’m very thrilled with the direction that things are going, even though it’s all behind-the-scenes right now.   Need a couple more weeks to iron out the details and to produce a few new designs.  If, however, you are interested in a sign between now and the “unveiling”, please let us know.

Started this post yesterday morning!  Imagine that.  Last night I had a conversation with Jack and asked him (when he was in a good mood) “why the disrespect, son???” and he says “I have no idea!  I don’t understand!!”  🙂  Of course, first thing this morning I’m like “Jack, it’s going to be a good day today, right?  No attitude, right?” and he’s like “You are RIGHT!”

And then 5 minutes later, attitude.

We’ll get through this thing.

BLAST!  The youngest is UP again!  These 10 minute naps are killin’ me!

ok, one handed typing.  it’s ok to complain {a little}.  🙂  but you can’t stay irked with this goober very long can you?

back to more regularly scheduled programming soon!