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I’m back in the saddle my friends!  I’ve felt really great since Sunday.  I thought I’d share a quick post about some good finds the last few days…

First off…for that strong willed child of mine?  Mom bought me this book;

and it’s like a MIRACLE.  It’s exactly what I needed.  It’s an incredibly easy read; I finished it in two nights.  Let me just say…I’m really glad I ran across it while my SWC is 5 as opposed to 15.  🙂  It actually made me excited about having one of these guys and gives some awesome advice about dealing with them.  Cynthia is a very strong willed person herself, so it’s coming from not only her perspective, but from many SWC’s.  Funnily Enough, I read Dr. Dobson’s Strong Willed Child when I was pregnant with Ryan, and I thought “Well the nice thing is, we won’t ever have to worry about an SWC, because Erick and I aren’t that way.”  HA!  And Double HA!  Turns out Erick is pretty strong willed himself; just in a quieter way.  I would HIGHLY recommend this book! {Click on the picture, it will take you to amazon}.

Yep, he’s rockin’ some necklaces!  It’s a bit blurry because he was in the act of falling over.  Sorry about that.  😉

After reading about Amber necklaces for teething, I figured we’d give it a shot.  Teething was NOT fun with Ry or Jack.  Full blown colds with every tooth.  Misery. Luke has been drooling like mad for awhile, so I bought this right away.  While he chomps on his fingers during the day, he is rarely fussy since he’s had it on.  No fever, no runny nose.  I just checked; those teeth are officially here!  Miracle necklace!

I also bought the hazel wood one;  Luke was on a strict poop-once-a-week schedule.  Every Monday, to be exact.  He’s been constipated and extremely spitty since he was 2 months old, and hazel wood is supposed to help with that (among other things.)  Miracle necklace number two, my friends.  He poops either every day or every other day, and while he still spits up, it’s not nearly as extreme.  As in, instead of changing entire outfits (for him AND myself) three or four times a day,  we go entire days in the same clothes!  I’m so happy with this stuff.  It’s made my life MUCH easier.  I bought both necklaces from Inspired by Finn.  Their customer service is awesome!

Ok, one more for you to keep this post on the shorter side; we finally did the Oobleck thing.  The boys played with it for HOURS.  Messy, but pretty easy clean up.  Awesome time filler+home school science project!  If you’ll notice…at the beginning, Jack hand his hands all in it.  Ryan stuck to the spoon.  🙂  By the end, they were both pretty much covered head to toe.  Once Luke went down for a nap I was right in the thick of it too.  So cool!

Cornstarch+water=awesome oobleck.  Youtube has some fun videos.

OH!  Sorry, one more to leave you with; no pictures because they were stripped to their skivvies or completely nakey. 😉  I filled a bowl full of warm soapy water, gave the boys each a towel, and they slipped and slid their way to completely cleaning my kitchen floor this morning.  I don’t think I’ll ever mop again!  They loved it, I don’t have to do it.  WIN.

Alright, see you again soon(er) next time around; thanks for your encouragement the last few weeks!