Jack.  Time to put the marker away, ok? (dry-erase, people.  we have NO permanent markers in this house). I really don’t want you to accidentally mark things up.  So please find the cap and put it on before you make a mess.  Please.

{I leave the room, come back in, and find him hiding under the ottoman}.

Jack…Jack.  What are you doing under there?  Jack!  Outta there, okay?

I swear, he is so exasperating.  And so stinkin’ hilarious.

We had a jammie day yesterday.  Errr….we have jammie days a lot of days.  Saves on laundry, my friends.

The boys all played together quite a bit…Luke is really into playing now.  He wants in on it ALL.  Tried to capture the three of them together and this is the best I could get.

Then he was like…time’s up!

Check out that drool.  I’m trying to capture his two teeth; haven’t yet.  But did you see that Jack is missing his bottom two?  One morning, loose tooth.  That night…gone.  2 days later the other was gone as well.  I posted this particular quote on Facebook…his first tooth came flying out when he was (ahem, sucking on the drawstrings in his shorts and then gave them a tug).  Yes, my children suck on their drawstrings.  Anyway, when I asked him what happened, he said “I yanked my tooth out of my pants!”  That is going down in Murray history.  Cracks me up.

It’s a good day, people!  Snowed a few inches this morning (boo) but now it is blue sky and sunshine.  We love us some blue sky and sunshine!


I made another sign last night!  I’m getting my creative mojo back.  This weekend we’ll put it together and then I’m popping up some of my super-sized stuff on the ol’ blog {for sure this time}.  Can’t wait to show you!

TGIF!  Have a great weekend!