Alright! Big signs, finally.  I don’t have super shots of them.  Irksome.  Didn’t realize that until I sat down to do this post!  But here’s a bit of what we are adding to the ol’ shop, and they range from $60-$85, smaller to larger.  I’m just mailing then invoicing for whatever the shipping price happens to be.  I have so many large scale ideas!  Let’s start to sleep through the night, Luke!  Momma needs more energy!

Custom for a nursery of a sweet friend; it’s approx 22 inches long and 11 high.  Doesn’t match the cuteness of Kam by a long shot, but it sure was fun!

Custom of Mr. Whaler…this one was 24 inches long and about 28 high.  Whitewashed with chalkboard paint for the silhouette.  I truly became a fan of the big signs while I was working on this guy.

And Ms. A…I finally found my camera cord; these are on their way to you today!  The biggin’ is 24 inches long by 21 inches high; here it is in relation to my “normal” large signs.

I’m thinking more hymn signs; years ago I made some hymn printables.  I LOVED doing that.  I have some other ideas up my sleeve as well; when Grammie takes the 2 older boys this week I plan on working fast and furious on them.  As long as Luke allows, that is.

Obligatory baby picture for my NM family.  🙂  We love you guys!!

Have a good night!