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It’s a snow day and the husband brought me coffee in bed.  That’s a mighty fine start, I’d say!  Also, the boys spent the night at their grammies last night; should be interesting figuring out a way to get them home today; it’s a wintery world out there!  In the meantime, it’s Erick and the baby and I; it’s hasn’t been the two of us and a baby in a long, long time.

Luke is napping, so I thought I’d share a couple faves I’ve come across.  The first two are musical; I can’t believe I’d never heard of The Piano Guys.  If you haven’t either, you are welcome for the introduction.  😉  I can’t get enough of them; Analisa introduced me to this song through her blog.  It’s stunning.

Very, Very close favorites…{or maybe they are just tied}, are this one and this one.  Amazing talent.  I am so going to be the dancing ladies in the Guaraldi cover video.

Also, I just bought this album by Jadon Lavik; thanks Amber!  I’ve been listening to it this morning.  Gorgeous.


In completely unrelated news, I’ve successfully “neutralized” our living room.  Took the bright paintings down; put up black and white photos of the boys.  Tossed the pillows in the back bedroom for now.  (I’ll show some of it in an upcoming post). It’s very restful; now I’m ready to start adding some less energizing colors in.  They are still beautiful, but they fit my mood better at this point.  My computer screen is covered with fabric swatches.  🙂

{fyi; all fabric is found at fabric.com; top three are dwell studio and bottom two are premier prints, just in case you are interested! if you like them as much as I do, I can give you direct links so you don’t have to search}

I’m planning on recovering the pillows; lengthening my curtains with a pattern on the bottom, and tying in the colors to our dining room with a table runner.  All ideas that are easily interchangeable for when my next “change of design” mood strikes!


Again with the unrelated news, but this is another idea that I’m currently obsessed with!  I just finished reading The Duggars first book.  I’ve never really watched their show, but the idea of managing such a large family peaked my interest (not that I think I’d have a wit left in my brain if I had such a large family; but if they can do it with so many children, certainly I can do it with 3!)  One idea that I LOVED was the fact that they have a laundry room/family closet.  ALL of the clothes go in the family closet; it’s pretty much a wash, dry and hang-right-there deal.  I was mourning the fact that we have such a tiny laundry room until I realized that we have a perfectly use-able room RIGHT OFF the laundry room.  I had intended on this being a guest room/ craft room, but I always craft in the kitchen anyway, and we plan on purchasing a sleeper sofa for our living room, so that solves the overnight guest issue.  And this room, well, has become a dumping ground.  OH, it had such potential; I was almost finished decorating!  And then it became this.  Are you ready?  Hold on tight…

Oh yes.  It’s terrible, isn’t it?  We’ve wanted to organize it; now we are going to organize AND turn it into the Family Closet.  Remember how Lizzie turned her spare into that adorable walk-in closet?

We’ll go for the same general idea; storing clothes AND the kid’s toys.  We’ll keep the bed in there as well…(can you even tell where the bed is in those pictures?)  Anyway, we’ll start on that, then switch our bedrooms with the boys.  There is a very generously sized closet in the Master bedroom that we are going to turn into a reading nook/hideout for Ry and Jack and Luke.   I can remember making a little space in my closet to sit and read when I was a girl; I would of loved to have an entire nook dedicated to that!  We can do a miniature version of Kevin and Layla’s; it’s literally 2 inches too short to fit a twin mattress, but we could fit a toddler sized one.

I think it would become a favorite hideout of mine, as well!  I’ve loved seeing posts about families turning closets into other use-able spaces, and now that we are going to convert that back bedroom, we can do it!  I’m a happy girl.

Guess what?  Erick just said he plans on moving some of the junk out of the back bedroom today.  So I’m going to sign off and we’ll get to it.

Stay cozy, today…and enjoy your weekend!