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Trying my best to type this before the baby awakes!

Firstly, the boys are trying hard to teach Luke how to crawl.  I snapped quite a few pictures the other day, but this one cracks me up.  Jack can rarely stay put, and very often it’s hard for him to stay in an upright position.  After his “teaching” lesson, he was back to being a little monkey.

The older boys are now in a daily competition to see who can make Luke “crack right up” the most.  There is a ton of silliness going on in this house.

I made these yesterday.  Yum. O.

It’s not my picture; mine weren’t as pretty because I really globbed the peanut butter on there.  The more pb the better, in my opinion.  Click on the picture and it should take you to the link!

I wrapped up a new sign project yesterday, it was much fun.  Here’s a sneaky peek; I’ll be sharing the full deal in a couple of days!  Can you guess?

The baby is still sleeping!  One thing checked off the list while having the ability to use two hands instead of juggling a wiggly one.  Whew.  Must get to the next “to do”…have a great day!