{What I really, really want}.  That song is running through your head now, isn’t it?  Ha!

I love my houseful of testosterone.  It rocks, in an incredibly amazing, fulfilling way.

 But girlfriend needs an estrogen weekend.

I want a weekend at a luxury rental house on the coast, filled with ladies.  The more the better!  And I want no structured agenda, other than fine food, fine drinks, shopping and being girlie.  Check out this place in Portland.  Wow.

Unfortunately I have to wait until little man is old enough, because I want a decent weekend.  Preferably a Friday Afternoon through Sunday Afternoon weekend.  This fall?  Early next summer?

Erick had his guy’s night two weekends ago; they have it a couple of times a year.  I was outnumbered 10-1!  And I kept thinking about how wonderful it would be to have that many of my lady friends all in one place…so here’s what I spent that time dreaming up while I was tucked away in my bedroom, giving them their guy-space.

  • Friday evening; dinner at a dockside restaurant, preferably with classy (or fun, we could go either way) live music.  Or not live music. Or no music. Whatever.  Can you tell it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten out?  I’m not picky!
  • Saturday, in any order; flea markets, makeovers, clothes shopping, furniture shopping, accessory shopping, art galleries…we’d have to wake up early, obviously.  (After being up late at night on Friday, so great coffee, and lots of it is probably in order).  We’d have to make time for staying at the rental house as well, because it will be too amazing not to spend time there.  So maybe Saturday evening we could just cozy in and cook a great meal and watch old romantic classics.  Sigh.  We’ll stay up late that night, too, on account of the *fun adrenaline* coursing through our veins.  Or, if all you are in need of is quiet; you could stay at home the entire day.  Can you imagine an entire quiet day?
  • Sunday morning; brunch and relaxing until we have to get back to the real world; the real world that we really love so very much.  And will appreciate that much more, seeing as though we haven’t been there for a couple of days.  Back to hugs and kisses and cuddles from kids and husbands, happy and satisfied and refreshed (with, hopefully, a nice new wardrobe.  And satisfaction in the great conversation and loads of chocolate that were consumed).

Yep, that’s what I really want!  Plus a husband-only weekend, and a family week away.  Not asking much, am I?  🙂

Any ladies interested?  Let me know, because I am SO VERY serious about this! Any ages welcome; you don’t have to be a momma of young ones in order to need a fun break!  And the earlier we start planning…the more time we have to save up for it.  😉