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Thank you, my dear friend Katy, for pinning, and thank you Pinterest, for your pinning abilities!  I think I’ve found my bday gift. 🙂

Isn’t that just the best thing?  LOVE!

Much has been going on in this household; normal stuff, funny stuff.  I was up around midnight with Luke the other night; he sleeps in a co-sleeper right next to the bed, but sometimes he just won’t take no for an answer and wants to cuddle up to momma.  Some nights that’s awesome, and some nights I need some space!  So on this particular night, I put him back in his little bed after feeding him, and he wasn’t having it.  But I didn’t really want to give in, so I just pretty much held him as he cried; in his bed; as in…I’m leaning over and my circulation is being cut off at my armpits, but I have my arms wrapped around my littlest nugget and singing to him; I’m practically holding him, but since he isn’t in the Big Bed, he is MAD.  And Erick rolls over at some point, and I do the “give in” thing and pick up the baby so the husband can get some sleep.  So the baby calms down for a brief minute, and in that calm I hear the other two boys crying their little hearts out.

I heft Luke over my shoulder and go check on Ryan and Jack; they are both in that semi-awake-but-not-really-aware state; Ry is coming down from his bunk because he has to pee, and I have to direct him to the bathroom so he doesn’t just let loose before he gets there.  And Jack is definitely bawling, but isn’t aware; luckily Erick wakes up to the ruckus and comes in to hold the J-man.  It’s just so funny, these nights.  Terribly exhausting, but hilarious.


Guess what?  Our tax refund is due in sometime this week, and we are going to pick up a Mini Van!  Are we cool or what? 😉 Blessed is what we are, for sure.  I can’t wait.   But you want some irony?  We had the clicker on, ready to turn into the driveway to check out the van yesterday, and we were REAR ENDED.  I couldn’t believe it; my first thought was “Well, we better like this van; at least we’ll have something to drive while the car is in the shop!”  Luckily our Camry can take a beating; she just had a scratch.  I’m a bit whip-lashed, but feeling MUCH better today.  Erick is fine, too, as well as the other driver.  Whew!

Oh YEAH!   Great response to this post, by the way!  So much so that I’m actually planning a late-September 2012 weekend, and a late June 2013 weekend.  I’ll start a page on the blog, soon, to keep you updated.  And not only are we going to have a fun, relaxing time, but I’ve added a little bit of blessing others to the mix.  Stay tuned for details.  Excitement!

One more thing! Luke is now officially 6 months old and had his first taste of food last weekend.  He’s a little bit in love with it!  We started with applesauce.  He took the spoon away and tried to feed himself.

Ahhh, such milestones.


Ok, just popped over to Deb’s and was met with some eye candy.  Go check it out…wow! Signing off; have a beautiful day!