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Are you loving this winter?  I’m loving this winter.  I know many of my snow-loving friends are not loving this winter.  But I have green grass in my lawn, and that makes me very, very happy!  I could smell spring yesterday.  Ahhhh.


I went to bed last night, excited to wake up in the morning and have coffee.  I do that sometimes; lie in bed, eager to get up and have a good cup of joe.  I’ve started making it with my french press; a Christmas gift.  I love it so.

I’m sipping it right now with some coconut creamer.  Life is pretty darn delightful at the moment.


I’ve been so relieved to see that some of my new-momma blogging friends have not been posting much of late.  Whew.  Kinda gets me off the hook.  I wish I was on here more often; I have so many memories to record.  Last month I tried to take pictures every day; I’d love to take pictures every day! (I haven’t taken a picture this month at ALL).  I was looking at some of the January pics this morning though, and this photo pretty much sums up what my life is about these days.

My three sons.  My Three Sons!  I love that I can say that.  I have three sons.  And you know what?  They can now fit comfortably into our new mini van.  Well, not new, but a 2003.  We bought it free and clear with our tax return this year.  I get giddy just thinking about it sitting in our driveway!  Luke is 6 1/2 months old, and until we purchased it last week, we had been out as a family maybe…3 times?  And it was crazy every time, stuffed into the car.  I don’t have any personal pictures of it, but here is the Craiglist posting…

The back seat folds down into the floor, and the two middle seats come out.  I envision much flea-marketing this summer.  And I was so excited; when we bought our Camry a few years ago, it happened to have leather upholstery.  I never knew I wanted it until I had it; the clean-ability is awesome.  So I asked God for a van with leather; didn’t want to be too picky, but He gave it to us anyway.  He’s pretty awesome with the details.

We went to Bangor last Saturday and stopped at Target with the kids.  It was so GREAT to be out somewhere, together!  We loved it!  It was also hilarious that a gentleman commented on our “tribe” when we walked in the store.  Hahaha.  Since when did 3 children make up a tribe?  {admittedly, they can, on occasion, feel like a tribe…}


Ok!  On to the good stuff, lady friends!  I have booked a house.  I have! I’m working on a blog post with the details; I’ll put it up tomorrow morning.  I will let you know that it will be September 21-23rd of this year, and that the house sits on Schooner Lane.  Eek times ten!  Space will be limited…so when you read my post tomorrow, if you are interested, let me know asap.  I think we have the makings for a very memorable little getaway.  And according to some other “ladies’ weekends” I have seen around the internet, this one is about 1/4 of the cost.  So get ready to send me your rsvp!

Ah ha!  Made it through a post before the kidlet woke up!  Woohoo!  Maybe if I sign off now I can wolf down some breakfast; one can only hope.  Have a great day!