I was covered in baby spit up, baby food, baby snot, and baby pee this morning.  True Story.

But the baby is worth it.  All of my babies have been worth it.

The baby joined his brothers on the Top Bunk the other day (assisted by daddy, of course) and he was in such bliss.

We finally moved the crib into our bedroom; Luke has been sleeping in the co-sleeper/our bed since he was born…but in high hopes that we will be switching rooms with the boys in the near future, we moved his crib in to our room so he can get used to it.  He’s not such a fan at the moment.  It’ll happen though.  The boys can’t wait to sleep in the same room with their bro.

My hopes for last week (vacation up here in Maine) were to take advantage of my man’s muscle and start Operation House Organization.  But it was a big time fail; Erick’s back has really been bothering him, so as not to permanently disable my husband, we didn’t do any of the heavy lifting stuff.  Which was all necessary for said Operation House Organization.  Shoot.  As a stay-at-home, momma of a baby, homeschooling mom, I feel that nothing much ever gets done.  {Except for feeding the children and making sure the house doesn’t fall into utter pigsty status}.  What I really want to do is take one room at a time, chuck everything outside, and only move back in what is absolutely imperative.  I’m ready for a grand purging.

So guess what?  I need to get off my duff right now and do a little something before baby wakes up.  But first I need to feed the two older nuggets.  Suppose that’s more important than purging at the moment…nourishing their bodies should be a priority.

 This post was full of need to know information, wasn’t it?

 Have a good day today, and come back tomorrow, because I actually have a worthy cause I want to tell you about.  It IS need to know info, and there will be no talk of spit up or snot.  Promise.