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I have these friends; probably half of you know them, and I’ve written about them before. They are this beautiful family right here…

and they slay me with all they do.  Honestly; I can’t quite wrap my head around their awesomeness.  They accomplish so much, I think they must not sleep. (Is that why you prefer Pepsi, Amanda? The caffeine, right?) I mean…truly.  I do not understand how it all gets done in their household.

One aspect of their incredible selves is their creativity and their get-it-done personalities; I’m always in awe of people who have ideas and really go for it.  They are the dreamers AND the doers!  They don’t stop at the idea stage like the author behind this post so often does!

Amanda is a photographer, and she invented this really amazing poser for newborns.  She had a problem, figured out a solution.  And is now selling, but needs a boost…because it takes insane amounts of money to get an idea off the ground.  She and her hubby Jed are working together as a team…actually…the whole family is pretty much in on this little business.  It’s an idea that has taken off and their product is gaining in popularity, but funds are needed {have you any idea how much it costs to patent something? to advertise? ridiculous!}, and they are asking for help.  They  put together a little video for a Kickstarter campaign.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea behind Kickstarter campaigns.  I hatey hate hate the idea of debt, but I think it’s incredible  when people collectively come together to help each other out.  It’s as the way it should be.

So please do me the favor of viewing their video, and donating a dollar or ten…or a thousand.  Not only would you be helping a small business, but you’d be tangibly helping to support a superb family.  Thank You!!