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Yesterday was a very Jekyll-ish day.  Can I tell you about it?

I made it to church, and sat through an entire service! Rare occurrence these days.  Great sermon, saw my beautiful friends.  Super start to the day.  Had some homemade posole and cornbread with the family, then headed out BY MYSELF to Waterville; bought some pretty paint samples and scored a great deal on fabric scissors at Joanns.  Drove home with a coconut iced coffee…in the sunshine…belting tunes…it was in the 50s!!  Gorgeous!  And just the thought of working with my new stash of fabric, and painting with my new paints?  Well.  Bliss.  Cherry on Top was arriving home to see one of my signs made into something spectacular; I can’t wait to get it put together to show you.   I’ve hinted at a little business venture with my parents before; these things take time, my word! Between jobs and kids…time is not easy to come by.  But I’m very close to being able to share something exciting with you. 🙂  Promise and Pinky swear.

Enter Hyde!  Holy Cow, y’all!  I fell asleep at 10pm last night.  Luke woke up at midnight.  Put him back to bed, then I hear Jack.  Ok, this is really hilarious; he was sitting up in bed with his hand made into a fist, right up in front of his face, and he was “fake” licking it.  We were discussing the pros and cons of ice cream in a cup or cone yesterday at lunch, so I’m relatively sure he was eating ice cream in his dreams.  I just had to lay him back down and cover him up and he was good to go.

About 1am, Ry does a sleep talking freak-out thing; Erick took care of that one.

2am, Luke wakes up again.  And that is IT for me.  I’m up.  Exhausted, but up.  He woke up at 3:30 and 4:45, but no problem because I’m up, right?  And oh, Ryan wakes up once more, and Jack climbs into bed with us around 4:30.

And honestly, the reason I’m up all night (minus the kid factor) is because I am so STINKING SORE.  Our mattress is beyond horrendous, and this 32 year old body can’t take it anymore.  When Erick and I were married at 19, we were given a hand-me-down mattress.  It was a very sweet gesture, but it was in pretty rough condition.  We took it with us on our move to Virginia a few months later, and it had literally disintegrated to the point of springs almost popping through; there was really one position you could sleep in, or else you’d get poked out the wazoo.  But it didn’t affect our young bodies!  Uncomfortable at night, but good to go during the day, right?

So anyway, apparently when you are in your 30’s, a good mattress is a must.  Between this awful thing (we bought it in 2008; Marden’s special for $500…never again) and carrying around my little chunk of a Luke, I am messed up.  So is Erick.  We are considering sleeping on the floor tonight.  I’ve been doing some research, and a decent mattress costs about 3 times the amount that is in our savings account.  I’m this close to breaking our no-debt rule just for a decent night’s sleep.

So!  From what I can gather, people generally love their Tempurpedics, Sleep Numbers, or Simmon’s Beauty Rests.  Do any of you have a favorite?  As far as memory foam goes, I’ve read that some people have reactions to the chemicals, and I’m pretty chemically sensitive, so we probably won’t go that route, nixing the tempurpedic.

Anyway, yes, this morning I was kind of Hyde-y.  It’s 11:45 am and I’m living off coffee and a prayer.  I popped over to mom and dads, though, and these pictures I found on dad’s computer have brought the Jekyll out in me again…too cute.  Luke loves his Nonnie.  They are playing the old “Here sits the Lord Mayor” game.

Wouldn’t you know that he is taking a longer nap right now than any stretch of sleep he gets at night these days?  It’s Nonnie’s  bedroom; that must be the trick.  Maybe I’ll send him over here to sleep tonight…