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I am such an idiot before my morning coffee.  Just sayin’.  It’s hilarious, truly.  Occasionally Erick will bring me coffee in bed before he heads to work, and that is actually the safest thing for all concerned.  If I can think clearly before my feet hit the floor, that’s a good thing.  And on the coffee subject, I’ve found a new lovely obsession.  The Caramel Turtle from Dunkin Donuts. It’s mocha/caramel/almond-y goodness should be outlawed because it is so addicting.  Evil.  Evil!

that's the watered-down dregs; but take time for a picture before I've sucked down most of it? Pshhhh.

  I actually made a pretty decent almond joy coffee the other day, with my coconut creamer, almond extract, and a squirt of chocolate.  I’m never going to lose all this baby weight, but I’m going to have fun not losing it!


Anyway, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  I have loads and loads to share.  I’ve been BUSY.  I’m co-hosting a baby shower at my house the first weekend in April, so I decided to make that a deadline to finish decorating ONE room in my house.  Just one! {by the way, if you haven’t read it yet, check out this post of darlene’s. great post, awesome series}.  I love deadlines; not that I have to have it finished, but having people over is a good goal to accomplish even one little thing.  I recently refinished my dining room chairs (again) and painted my dining room table (yep, the dining room is my make-over goal).  Here’s a sneaky peek.

So, when I’m not painting something, I’m trying to, as always, prevent the house from turning into a pigsty.  You know what I could use?  I totally figured it out.  Thinking about it is making me happy sigh.  I need the entire Downton crew…for a week.

That’s the last selfish request I’d ever make.  Other than maybe if they could come back every year.  And could I just keep a couple of them?


OH.  HA.  I had to do a double take when I opened up my inbox this morning.  Because this is what I found.


It’s so gorgeous here.  We’ve had a reprieve from the Maine Winter/Early Spring.  80’s in March?  Yes, please.  Mom and I skipped to Freeport yesterday when Grammie took the older boys.  I can’t tell you how much that one day a week blesses my socks off.  Actually, when I called Erick last Thursday in the midst of an emotional meltdown, he decided to take all THREE boys out for me the next day.  I thought he was just going to be gone for the morning, but he stayed out from 9:30 in the morning until 6 pm!  I stayed in my pj’s and painted all of my chairs and watched Frasier and Downton Abbey that day.  Bliss.  But back to yesterday; we ate at Linda Bean’s in Freeport.  Sweet Potato Fries are to die for.  And Luke decided he loved ice water from the straw, thankyouverymuch.  He couldn’t get enough.  He’s such a cute little nugget.

You know what?  I have so much more to share, but I’ll split it up.  The baby, if I’m correct, will be waking up any minute.   One more thing though, if you haven’t read the comments on my last post, DO. Thank you to those who left their stories!!  Y’all are amazing.