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It’s 5:19 am as I start this post; I’m normally in bed but if I don’t get this started I don’t know when it will ever be written! Coffee is marinatin’ in the french press so hopefully I’ll get through the day alright; actually…yes!  That’s one (of the many things) I wanted to tell you about; I’ve found a wonder drug that has changed my life.  

Nutritional yeast!  Who knew?  One of our favorite doctors recommended it last year, and I started out giving a bit to the boys in their pb&j’s and then just got lazy and threw it out.  Last week, though, I picked up some more and started taking it myself, and quite frankly am astonished at the difference it has made in my energy levels.  I snack on it all day long; it’s a powerhouse of B vitamins.  I think I’m on my 8th day, and despite crazy interrupted sleep, I have NOT had my normal energy slumps during the day.  You can google it to look up all of the benefits; here is one link! I tell you though; I feel so good.  And cheap, my gosh!  Wait, I don’t feel cheap, the yeast is cheap.  Or not cheap.  Inexpensive.  WHATEVER.


Friday was Erick’s Birthday!

And what a year it has been!  I can’t tell you how incredibly proud I am of him, in all aspects of life.   Ever since his heart drama {one year ago!} he has had to work at figuring out manageable stress levels/the right way to eat, etc, in order to feel good.  Just lately he started juicing fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch, and not only is the weight slipping right off, but he has so much more energy and just looks healthier. Oh, and I feel so cherished.  He recently had a couple of different opportunities to coach baseball.  He would LOVE to coach, and would be an amazing one, that I can guarantee!  He turned the jobs down, though, to be with his family. Too many practices and games at this point of life. I can’t tell you how much that means to us!  We decided to have an impromptu photo session to let him know  how much we love him; here are some silly pictures.


Oh, and the boys, y’all…I’ve gotta do a post on them; they crack me up more every day.      They have turned the mini van into a playground; who needs a swing set?  They turn into international spies out there.  So funny to listen in on their play.

As far as boy quotes?  Luke spit up on Ryan the other day; we were all on the couch and Ryan was tickling Luke’s belly…and Luke let loose on Ry Guy.  Poor kid.  And typical Ry, always has to bring out the big vocab.  “Well, that was unexpected!  And Quite Unpleasant!  I guess I was just being a protective barrier for the couch!”  He was working on an etch-a-sketch drawing the other day, and he said “It started out simple, so I added some different aspects to make it more complex”.  Honestly, he always speaks in such “big” language I hardly bat an eye anymore.

Jack?  His latest word is awkward.  Everything is awkward.  Or awkwardish.  That’s my favorite.  We had one of those days last week, and he was frustrated because Ryan was ignoring him.  So Jack stomps off and yells “Apparently he is going to act like this for the REST OF MY LIFE!” I almost fell on the floor laughing.  And he really was being a toot that day…at the end of the day he came right over to me and said “Mom, I’ve been such a FOOL today”.  Again, doubled over in laughter. (Normally I do my best to hold it in; I really do). “Mom, why are you laughing at the fact that I’m a fool?”.  Oh, this kid.  Never once have I called him a fool.  But that led to some really great discussion, actually.  After being a bit stressed all day I really relaxed and we talked through some important life stuff.


My BF sent me this guy.  He needs a place of honor in my house, don’t you think?  and I need to name him some wonderful old salty name.  Suggestions welcome!

She also sent me a DD gift card; yesterday I skipped off after church and grabbed an iced coffee and did some baby shower decoration shopping by myself.  A few hours to myself are a balm to my soul lately.  Came home and helped Erick put up our new light fixture in the dining room; we spent this weekend painting a very water stained/chippy ceiling.  Not very fun, but it’s made a world of difference!  Almost finished with the dining room details!

Alright, friends, this could go on forever, but it’s now 6:19 and I can hear the boys stirring.  I’m going to be way crazy brave and pop this post up unedited so I’m sorry for the quality this morning.  🙂 Believe it or not, I’m finally going to share a new sign with you in my next post.  I’ve had it finished for a good long while, but the time to share has been limited; I need to see if I can figure out a way to photoshop out a custom phone number on the sign, then I’ll pop it up here!  I’m kind of proud of it!

Happy Monday, friends!