It comes at you fast, sometimes, this life.  Our sweet Ms. Marietta just passed away, and after her funeral yesterday, we found out my precious grandmother passed as well.  My mom mentioned something yesterday that I just kind of brushed off like no big deal, but then I started thinking about it; I’m dealing with the end of life…the middle…and the beginning, too.  Wow!  It’s kind of neat, though.  Tricky at times, but comforting, too.  Nice to have young boys full of energy around this place. 🙂  Today is my mom’s birthday, by the way.  Life stuff ALL over the place!  So the happiest of birthdays to you, mom.  Grandma is joining in a rousing of chorus of Happy Birthday to you right now, I bet!!

If y’all would pray for my family, it would be greatly appreciated.  Especially my mom and aunt and Grandpa and my Rockstar Uncle.  Uncle Glenn has been the ultimate champion, taking care of my grandparents and their transitions for so many years.  Love and appreciate you Uncle Glenn, more than you know.  God has accomplished some great things through you and will continue to do so!

I catch myself saying Grandma IS or Ms. Marietta IS, and for the briefest moment I’ll think, no, WASbut then you know what?  They more ARE than they ever WERE!  That is awesome, my friends.  That is hopeful and amazing and true; John 3:16 exemplified.

I had promised you a look at our new signs; although that doesn’t really fit in with this particular post, I laughed when I looked at this glimpse of one of them…

Kind of appropriate, right?  🙂  They were welcomed home, smiles wide on all sides, for sure.

Have a blessed weekend, friends.  I’ll pop back on soon.