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So…we are putting my parents laser machine to the test, and loving it!  We have loads of ideas…more ideas than time at the moment, but here are a few things we’ve been working on.

The first sign is a remake of one I  originally worked up for Amanda’s photography studio; the first was completely, well, 1-D.  This one has some pop!

We recently sent one off with a custom phone number at the bottom; I put my mad photoshop skills to work and fuzzed some of the number out.  😉

Another fun project; a nursery sign for a dear friend’s baby girl…she wanted something with the feel of the Splash Mountain sign…

so we worked this up;

And one more, for the moment…

I’m not super crazy about vinyl decals that you stick on the wall…for me it’s a dimension problem.  But I like this alternative; this is part of a phrase on my dining room wall; it’s 1/8 inch thick, and light enough to pop up there with a command strip.  It’s just under 12 inches high (the M, that is), and the name in it’s entirety is about 36 inches long.  I’m a small project or two away from finishing the dining room; I’ll be able to show you the whole phrase (and room) verrrry soon!

So in-between work and kids and house cleaning and life, those are a few things we’ve been up to, with a whole notebook full of ideas to go.  Mom and Dad are actually off to the coast today to drop off some orders to The Smiling Cow in Camden; I’ll have to show you my dad’s new bookmarks; they truly are stunning and he’s been wowing some retailers!  He’s become quite the graphic artist lately.  I’ll have to snatch some images from his computer and show them to you in the next post.

Well, today is the tail end of spring break; it’s been a decent one!  Good weather, a few projects knocked out.  Unfortunately, after a completely healthy fall/winter on all of our parts, allergies came knocking at our door.  I’m tempted to go to the coast and dunk my head in the ocean for some good old fashioned salt water therapy; think I’ll take a hot bath in some Epsom salts though.  Might be a tad warmer, haha.

Have a great weekend friends!