Hi there!

You know what?  I’ve had a lot of meh moments lately.  Meh moments bordering on Arggghhh moments.  This mom thing can be tough.

Luke is my 24/7 companion. My “don’t you dare set me down or I’ll cry!” companion.

He takes a lot of energy.

That I don’t have.

And I really have to constantly think things through…gain some perspective.  I know without a doubt that my complaints are because of my blessings.  And that is just silly.

My imperfect self comes back to those complaints anyway…but that leads me to Jesus, so that’s ok, right?  (Thank you for these blessings, God!  But Geesh! But Thank You! Please, just give me grace for the moment.  For every moment.) That’s my constant refrain.  Whine, whine, whine, thank you, thank you, whine.

I think the hardest thing about a…mommy-loving baby…is that his brothers get the short shrift.  And the daddy.  And the house, and, to be honest, the mommy.  Once the baby naps or I get a little break thanks to Nonnie and Papa or Daddy, I feel like I’m pulled in a hundred different directions.  So many directions that sometimes I sit on the couch and stare off into space and accomplish not a thing.

we need attention too!!!

I know “this too shall pass”, because Jack was a momma’s boy too.  Right up until Luke was born, actually.  So it’s a temporary thing, Thank God.  I’m just ready to have the time to keep house a little better, to organize my life a little better, to put my creativity to use a little more, to give equal attention to all my children, to actually have a decent conversation with my husband.  Is that too much to ask? 😀

So yes, I know I haven’t mentioned this in awhile, but our weekend is still on, for SURE.

We have room!  So please consider coming.  Remember…$155 includes 2 nights at a vacation house on the coast…Friday night dinner, Saturday night dinner, and Sunday brunch (You’ll be responsible for breakfast and lunch Saturday).  A very loose agenda; mostly a do-what-you-want kind of thing.  Shop, sleep, stare into space, WHATEVER.  It’s a take care of yourself and fill up your energy tank to be the best you possible come Monday kind of weekend.

I need that weekend like never before, to be a decent, non-crazed wife and mother.  I needed it yesterday…but I’ll settle for September. 🙂  In the meantime, keep me in mind, and let me know if I need to pray for you, too.  To not loose our ever-loving minds in this beautiful blessing-filled life, and for grace for the moment.