Quite possibly, someday, I’ll be ushered into Glory due to an unfortunate slipping-on-a-matchbox-car incident.  I have slipped, and caught myself, multiple times…once I stepped off a ladder (in my bare feet, which probably wasn’t smart) and landed on one, bruising the bottom of my foot badly.

see those Puffs in the background? 4th time in 24 hours that canister had been knocked over. Finally gave in and swept them up and did away with them...

I haven’t, however, ended up with a little car tangled in my hair until today.

I kept saying “Luke, honey, quit tugging on my hair!”  and then I passed by the mirror and realized that it was his car that was tugging on my hair.  Awesome.

I love the little cars, though.  Such boy things.  Hours of fun.  Inexpensive hours of fun. And they are not Legos…Praise God…please no one ever tell my sons about the joys of Legos or I will string you up by your toes and tickle you until you can’t TAKE it anymore.  I know it’s like a right of passage for kids…but for now, we are sticking with the big blocks.  So much easier to clean!  And I will cut corners where I can.

Please do not feel sorry for my children-they are not deprived.

On another note; thanks for your prayers after yesterday’s post!  I wish I could tell you that the day went beautifully after that; there were beautiful moments, for sure.  I made a batch of killer oatmeal cookies.  I’ll share the recipe with you on the blog this week…if you are fond of crisp buttery goodness.  But there were still some frustrating moments, too.  Right now I stop and think, in the midst of insanity…”Won’t you laugh about this someday?”  And if I WILL laugh about it…why not laugh about it in the moment?  Sometimes it’s easier to do that than others. 🙂

 I have to tell you; I have been craving a mexican taco bake thing for awhile, and decided to make a double batch to take some to my precious newborn momma friend.  I made some amidst the wailing-like-I’m-gonna-die baby in the bouncer, popped both batches in the oven, and set the timer.  Left the kitchen…and my boys were so loud that I did not hear the timer go off.

Y’all, I just don’t cook these days.  I wait until Erick comes home, and he usually has at it; just being truthful.  But I wanted him to come home to something warm and delicious, so I decided to soldier on and make it anyway…

So yep, when I finally remembered everything and dashed to the kitchen, the tops were nice and burnt.  But I thought “Well, we can do burnt, but I’ll scrape the chips and cheese top off of our friends and redo”…so I sat theirs on the oven and went about my business, until 20 minutes later when I popped back in the kitchen to a smoking dish.  Yes!  I left it on a live burner.  Burnt on the top and the bottom!

No Taco Bake, Allison.  But you WILL get oatmeal cookies.  And chili.  It’s in the crockpot as I type.

Anyway, a few baby pee leaks and spit-up on clean sheets later, and I was ready for my bed.  The boys wanted to give me a show, though, and it made my heart melt.  This is so worth it.  SO worth it.

And even though Luke gave me another run for my money last night, he was the ultimate charmer this morning.

Yes, he wore that onesie last night.  And it’s 11 am and it’s drool covered and he’s still in it.  Cutting corners again.  For my sanity! {My dryer is BROKEN.  And the hot water pipe in the bathroom leaks, and the roof has sprung another leak as well…but that is all neither here nor there.  It’s ALL good.}  All that to say; we will stay in the same clothes as long as possible.  None of this fresh clothes every morning business until the dryer is fixed!

So soldier on, my sleep deprived, burnt meal, broken applianced, matchbox car injured mother-friends.  Let’s just (try) and laugh through it together!