Ok y’all, you have to take a look at this video, just for the Jack blooper in the middle. (It’s only 30 seconds).  I tell you what; I have the sweetest, most affectionate, cuddly boys ever, but they will blush 50 shades of red before they say “I love you”.  Erick and I are HUGE on saying “I Love You” to each other and to them, daily, but they just get so embarrassed and won’t say it back! I don’t know why!  So Nonnie and Papa had a talk with them when they were watching the boys Saturday night, and they put this little video together for me.

The funniest thing?  After watching it, I turned to the boys and told them how much I treasured it, and that I was going to watch it every day just to hear “I love you Mommy”.  And Ryan, just as matter of fact and joyfully as can be said “The popsicles motivated me to do it!!!”  {Turns out they had to be bribed}.  I laughed so hard I cried.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I took a  few photos with the boys in the early morning; we’re all pajama clad and are suffering from severe bed head and the sillies.

We got ready after that, and hopped in the van with Papa and Nonnie to Freeport.  It was such a gorgeous day!  When we arrived, Papa and Daddy took the boys to the playground, and mom and I got a couple hours of kid-free shopping in.  *Hallelujah*  Then we went to Linda Bean’s for some sweet potato fries.  Oh, and Luke managed to dump two full glasses of Coke right into my lap.  He’s fast, that one.

We visited Winslow Park after that; LOVE going there.  Dad took this amazing pano at the sandy beach part of the park…

On the way home it would rain occasionally, but there was always sun; kind of like in the picture above.  A double rainbow followed us a good part of the way.  🙂  Arrived at the casa and had homemade pizza and strawberry shortcake.

Oh, and the day ended with a pretty-much unprompted “I LOVE YOU!” from the boys.  Best End Ever.