Lots to write, little time, same old story.  But Jack took some pictures of himself today.  I do have time to share these, at least. 🙂

wasn’t he just made for that smattering of freckles? i hope he sprouts more over the summer.

He told me the other day that he’d like another sibling.  Didn’t matter whether it was a boy or a girl.  {I told him he could have as many as he wanted when he was married.}  He asked…”Does it hurt the daddies to have babies?”  When I said no, he wondered why Erick had to wear the plastic hospital bracelet when Luke was born.  When we had established that it was only for ID purposes, he said “Ok, so it doesn’t hurt the daddies, and all I’d have to do when the baby is born is wear a bracelet at the hospital?  I’ll have 100 kids.”

Ok, they are coming to me; two more and then I have to feed the troops!  When I told him we didn’t have money for all of his many requests, he whispered to himself “We don’t have any money.  We are DOOMED!”

We were in my bedroom the other day and the crib mattress was on the floor; Jack was on my bed.  Obviously he wanted to jump from the bed to the crib mattress, and when I told him not to, then demanded that he leave the room WITH me, because I knew how his little mind worked and figured that if I left he would jump to the mattress anyway, he looked at me, very perplexed, and asked “How do you know my thoughts?!

Ok, tired momma out.  Taking a salt-air sanity break tomorrow; can’t wait!