One of those moments when I wish I had taken a picture, but I had a child in distress; and a baby crying and just couldn’t take a moment to do it!  I bought the boys some silly putty a couple of weeks ago; can you believe it was their first time with that stuff?  Jack (of course) thought it would be fun to get a head impression; let’s just say it acts like gum in hair.  But I googled it and then spent a good portion of time rubbing almond oil into the mess and worked it all out!  Thank Goodness!  Any kind of oil will do; that was just within arms reach.  Whew.  They need summer cuts, but that would of made for a really, really short one. 🙂

Oh, he’s coined a new term; just as serious as can be he told me that when he fell down the other day he “hit his knees first, then his elbows, then his fore-noggin”.  So that’s what it is around the house now.  No more foreheads here!

I haven’t posted anything about Ryan in awhile, so I snapped a picture of him just because…doing one of his favorite things of the moment…watching Beakman’s World.

He had wanted to be a teacher for the longest time, but changed his mind to either scientist or engineer.  As of Sunday, though, he wants to be an inventor.  I thought it was the funniest thing; we are getting a crazy amount of political phone calls around this place, and after hearing me complain about it the other day he told me he would invent something that would automatically turn the phone off when a politically related call was coming in.  Sounds like a win in my book!

And my youngest, well, he has this funny open-mouthed expression lately.  Cracks me right up.

He managed to hoist himself on Jack’s bed the other day (?!) and is getting around FAST, so I’m never very far from him.  Trouble, this kid.  I talked to the doctor the other day about his sleep habits; he generally wakes up anywhere from every 20 to 45 minutes at night, which means he obviously isn’t getting any DEEP sleep.  When Erick gets out of school (next week!) we are going to move the boys in with him and move us into the boys room…hopefully after a few rough nights he might start sleeping better…prayers appreciated!

And, as always, still working behind the scenes a bit on our shop; just finished a fun new project for a fun new customer. 🙂  Can’t wait to share that with you! Few more touches, as always, to the living room and that will be done too.  I should just probably take pictures and post it anyway, because I’m a “forever-tweaker” and it will probably never be finished in my mind.   So many ideas, so little time…

Hopefully the sun is shining where you are today!  We had a peek of sun yesterday afternoon and it shot my mood up 1000 percent!  Rain, rain, go away!  Travel to the southwest, anyway!

Be back soon. 🙂