So…yesterday I was putting our fitted sheet back onto our bed after it dried…and I discovered a fist size threadbare patch that will more than likely give way to a fist size hole the next time I put it through the washer.  Not only that, but my pillow cases have tiny holes in them…so does our flat sheet.  I would imagine that’s what you get when you sleep on the same bed set, every night, for 5 years in a row.  😉

Anyway, we don’t really have the extra money budgeted for a new sheet set, so I decided to rummage through and find some things to sell.  We aren’t going to have time for a yard sale this summer, but if any of you are local, I have two things that might be of interest!


I invested in this rug a couple of years ago; even put my head together with a designer from Company C to figure out what size of rug would work best with my living room.   And I bought it, and loved it, but it just does NOT fit our space.  BigFatSigh.  This is quality, guys; the Company C Kensington Rug.  I’m willing to let it go for $50 and will throw in a rug pad, too.  Trust me when I say that this is an excellent price. 🙂  It’s tufted wool, and is 4’6” x 6’6”.

Update: Fabric below is sold!  🙂

Also, I have a bin of fabric that I’ve held onto forever.  I sold fabric on etsy a few years ago, then decided I could make more money from *sewing* things rather than just selling the fabric.  But here it sits, and most likely will forever, because all of the sudden I have 3 children and other creative pursuits up my sleeve.  It’s mainly yards of Premier Prints fabric, which is decorator weight; great for pillows, curtains, etc.  I do have some Amy Butler fat quarters and other misc. in there too, though.  Here are some pictures…

I’ll let the whole shebang go for $25…there are yards and yards in here.  Shoot me a message if you are interested in either {}.  Thanks guys!