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I had summer delivered to my doorstep yesterday!  A day early, as a matter of fact.  🙂

Now I do love the strawberry pickin’ experience, for sure.  But when Blackwood Farm said they would deliver freshly picked berries locally, um….no brainer.  Sheesh.

I knew I had posted some strawberry recipes on Pinterest some time back, so I delved into my boards and plan on trying every single one of them.   Oh y’all, I’ve gotta organize my boards.  ALL of my food recipes are on my DIY board.  DIY for sure, but a food board would probably make sense…seeing as though chocolate filled strawberries are posted right next to mod podge projects. :/  My poor boards; I can’t even be organized online!

Below…chocolate filled, oven dried, and cheesecake filled strawberries.  Mmmmmmmmm.

Wishing you all a fantastic, joy-filled summer!!