Happy Friday!!!

I had so much fun yesterday; Erick took the boys for the day and let me work with mom and dad on the biz.  We had a blast!  But I’d love your opinion on a few things.  We were chugging out some summery words, and I’d love to know what kind of painting technique that YOU would prefer.

Now, looking at the pictures above; we just put a coat or two of paint on the words, although I would go back and give it a bit more of a distressed look, I think.  It’s a little vintage-y, right?

Below…these words have more of an opaque look.

And here…sweet tea doesn’t have a thing on it.  I think we would offer the non-painted version if you wanted to tackle a little diy!

We’re still tinkering around with the product we’ll use; the above is masonite, but we might try it with some plywood as well.

So…would you go for unpainted?  Distressed?  Opaque?  I have an arsenal of words I want to pop out…what words would you like?  And phrases?  Any ideas?  We would LOVE to know what you think!!