Hey Ladies!  The women at our church are taking part in a summer study; we usually have a ladies’ Bible study going on during the school year and meet once a week to discuss, but we decided to do things a little differently this summer! We’ll be doing more of an independent study on the book of Psalms…but I’ll do a write up and include the link to the video every Friday on the blog.  That way, if anyone wants to discuss, we can discuss right here!  I’m including the link to the intro video (we are only going to be studying lessons 1-8, but I thought the Introduction was worth watching).

Intro Video

(I’d embed but don’t think I can, so just click on the link and it’ll take you right to it!)

My 2 quick reflections on the video?  They stood out to me in a huge way…(not only did I NOT take notes, but I watched it 7 days ago…so these points were obviously meant for me!)

From Psalm One; “Blessed is the one…whose delight is in the law of the Lord” (Psalm 1:1-2)

Blessed, in this context, means happy.  If you follow Jesus, you will be happy.  Y’all, it’s pretty simple, isn’t it?  Cathe tied that in with the statement “You are not what you think you are, you are what you think”.  Hmmm…chew on that one awhile and put your thoughts in the right place, girls!!

I’m not going to expound upon them because I think they are pretty straightforward and to the point. And if I gleaned that bit of goodness from the intro video, I’m excited about what’s to come!

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