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Video for Lesson One Here

Friends!  Wasn’t this lesson great?  I’m going to give you my brief takeaways; do you have any thoughts?  Any lessons gleaned?

I love how this was put in our homework: “Their relationship (David’s and God’s) was one forged through the intimacy of being together through joy and sorrow”.  That’s what it takes, right?  Deep relationship, no matter the circumstance.  Your trials will often reveal your faith, and that ongoing intimacy will give you wisdom in dealing with life’s circumstances.  Frankly, it will make trials easier to bear.  I have notes scribbled all over the place (but I have a child who needs a diaper changed, and a mess on the table, and I don’t want to regurgitate everything I learned…so I’ll say one more thing!)  I personally think the video summation is right on target…take Joy in the Journey, friends.  Even amidst trials, rely on His Promises, because His Promises are good.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!