OH you guys.  I panicked.

You know my Girl’s Weekend?  Sunday I just had a crazy hormonally induced panic moment…and cancelled it.  I  cancelled it!  We were still short 5 girls, and have been hanging around that number for a good long while.  I haven’t been concerned at all, until I checked the rental agreement again and noticed that if I backed out now, it would be MUCH better than later…so I up and called the whole thing off for the sake of my savings account.  My girls have been extraordinarily understanding (thank you girls!) but I’m still bummed about the whole thing.  Next time will be better planned; I’ll know more of how to go about the whole process, and I’ll be sure to have a better idea of how many want to go BEFORE I book a house!

However!  There is always a plan B, right?  Of course.  So we are going for a scaled back Girl’s Weekend; sort of a consolation prize. 😉  But a good one!  Instead of two nights we’ll just go for one.  I’m envisioning starting early on Saturday…maybe in Searsport or Belfast, and meandering down the coast, stopping whenever, wherever we want for shopping and maybe an easy hike; and ending up in Rockland somewhere for the night.  Good thing is, if you are local and you couldn’t spend the night, you could still spend the day with us!  Does that peak anyone’s interest?  I’ve looked into a few hotels, and it would end up being between $40 and $70 a night per person, depending on the hotel and which rooms are available. Cost would only cover the hotel room.  Sooo…any takers?  Let me know and I’ll try to book us a room or two by this weekend..say Saturday?  Email me (mrsmurray16@hotmail.com) by Friday evening if you would like to spend the night, and I’ll hop on it!

Oh, and it will be Sept 22-23.  🙂

In Other News…pictures of my dining room are complete!  Crazy, right?  Didn’t even wait for the daisies.  😉  I’ll post them this week, but here’s a sneak color peak!

Just a pop of color…still wanting to keep things semi-neutral around here. 🙂

ANDDDDDD Erick is going to watch the boys on Thursday, so I’ll spend all day adding product to our SHOP!  It’s gonna be a busy week, y’all!  But a good one!

Hope everyone has a Fantastic 4th; thinking of my friends and family who are still seeing smoke or are out of power.  Wishing mightily that I could blow rain drops and 70 degrees your way; praying that God keeps you safe!