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Wednesday I needed a break.  Just did.  Couldn’t wait!  So I took off for the coast {by myself} and was so happy…until I was 20 minutes down the road.  HAHA.  Missed my men like crazy.  Was so overwhelmed with love…for my husband, for my boys, for my Savior, for Maine, for friends and family.  Totally teary moment.  Cup overflows kind of moment.

I caught up on my God Time…doing my Psalms study right in front of this.

I kept having to talk myself into having a nice time because I was separated from my guys; such irony…a good problem to need some space…but not to want it so much!

I DID have a wonderful outing though.  Did a little shopping; bought the newest Chris Dusen for my boys at Bellabooks, and took advantage of their amazing little courtyard.

Also stopped at one of my favorite places, The Cherished Home.  I’ve always loved it, but they’ve overhauled and changed things and now I’m flat out crazy about it.  Talked to the amazing Jill and had such a lovely time!!

In the meantime, the guys went to visit family and looking at the pictures…I’m jealous. They MUST take me next time, no doubt about it.  Can’t wait for some lake time!

I will follow those handsome men anywhere!!

Turns out that my baby who HATEY HATE HATES baths LOVES the lake.  Good thing to be a water baby when you live in Maine! This “first” for Luke was a total success!  He also had his first fireworks and his first lesson in Throwing Rocks in Water.  I’ll share those in my next post, so as not to overwhelm you in this one!

Thanks to all of you lovely people who have ordered from the shop.  It means the world to us; you can’t even know how much it’s appreciated!  It’s been a long time dream of ours; so nice that it’s “live”.  We have so many more things to add.  This is all too fun!

Have a great weekend friends!!