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Good Morning!  It’s gonna be another beautiful day here!  I’m taking the boys to VBS this morning; they are VBS fanatics.  They always look forward to that one week a summer, so this week we enrolled in a different VBS at another church so they can attend two this year.  They woke up at the crack of dawn, eager to get going.  🙂

This is one of the newest shop creations, I seriously giggle when I look at it!  It makes me happy.  I have such a love affair with chalkboards.

I mentioned that Luke had a few firsts last week; we went to Bar Harbor with the family.  Played mini-golf and introduced Luke to Throwing Rocks in the Water.  He’s a natural.

Love that I captured all my men in that picture above; love that Erick captured the boys in the picture below!

I was going to make this longer, but I’m wolfing down breakfast so I can get out the door in time!  Kids to feed!  Showers to take!  Leaving by 8:00!  I am so glad I homeschool.  I’d be a mess if I had to get these children ready to leave early every morning.  Whew!

Have a beautiful week everyone!