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I have two distinct, separate feelings when it comes to the ocean and the lake.  Seaside, I am humbled and inspired. I am almost overwhelmed with all of the possibility out there.  It’s so good for my soul.  It’s fantastic for my creativity, to be near that salt water.

Lakeside, life slows down for me.  I’m very much in the moment; I feel protected and comforted and at peace.  It’s good for my soul too.  We went to see family yesterday; it was fantastic; it’s where the boys headed last week; a rented place up in Embden.

We left so…happy.  With a renewed desire to someday..someday, own a little sliver of land on a lake.  Something we can pass down to the boys; that will stay in the family for generations.  That we can go to every summer to relax, that we can visit on weekends. That we can invite family and friends to so they can relax and be blessed, as well.

picnic on a dock, anyone?

If teachers are ever paid what they are actually worth, we could have that lake house in no time! 😛  But for now, we’ll have to get our thinking caps on and roll up our sleeves and get busy generating some more income, so we can make this happen.

I got in the water, friends!  First time I had donned a swimsuit since 2010, and that was only once.  Before that…I have no clue.  I have to get in the water more.

At one point I said “This is the LIFE!” And Jack very exuberantly kept repeating it.  Oh, my boys were so happy.

Luke would NOT sit still on that floating dock.  Nope.  I kept having to scootch along after him and hang on to his shorts.  As of last week, we officially have a water baby.  Much later, after dinner, I took him back down to the sand, and he very quickly progressed to the water.

Little goober.

Buddy looked on and enjoyed every bit of everything.  Isn’t he a handsome lake mascot?

There was a fantastic little cabin; I’ll share pictures of it soon.  I think I’ll try my hand at some kind of design board; I’m actually saying that here so you can keep me too it!  I need to stretch myself a bit.  This week is nothing short of crazy, but hopefully I can put one together soon.

In the meantime, it’s back to “regular” life; this will be popping up in my dreams for awhile, I think…

Does water inspire you?  Do you prefer the lake or the ocean?  I’m fairly certain they are equal in my book.  I can’t wait to get back, salty or fresh.  Matters not!