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My beloved is watching Luke this morning at home; so I just dropped the boys off at VBS and I’m blogging from the Selah Tea Cafe in Waterville…love this place.  Drink of choice this morning is Chocolate Mint Rooibos Iced Tea…

Yep.  Yum.  I love my coffee, but summertime brings the tea drinker out in me!  Totally refreshing.

Jack wanted me to post the next pictures on the blog; I love waking up in the morning to his little vignettes.  {I’m very often trying to get the baby to sleep while Erick is rounding up the other boys in the evening, so I usually find surprises like this when I wake up!}

Such a boy.

Yesterday Erick and Luke and I dropped the kiddos off and headed to Belgrade Lakes for a bit.  Short drive, lovely little town!  We bought a carrot cake muffin from Day’s General Store and ate by the water.  Another little push to have a Camp on the lake someday.  😉  I took ALL of the pictures below at this little spot, just had to turn to my left and to my right and shoot in front and in back.  Such a gorgeous place!!

I have another sign idea, y’all.  I’m REALLY excited about it; it’s gonna be a colorful one!  I’ve been collecting paint chips so I can buy some samples and come up with a few color schemes…I just love to paint.  To paint and to create and to dream.

We added a new product to our shop, if you haven’t seen it yet!  This is just one design, but we have quite a few more in the works; there will be room to add kids names, etc.  They are customizable coasters; we’ll make  a few more designs that aren’t custom that will cost a bit less.

Good to set that refreshing iced tea on!

Have a beautiful day, friends!