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Quickly.  I just have to blog this; it’s mushy mother stuff, so feel free to skip over, because I know mushy mother stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So be forewarned. 🙂

Long story short?  Last year when we went to the carnival that our town hosts, we didn’t have enough money to purchase the “ride as many rides as you want!” bracelets.  The boys were allowed 3 rides a piece, and they were kind of bummed.  Understandably.  But we just didn’t have the $20 (!) a bracelet to throw around.  On the way home from the fair that night, we really pumped the boys up about next year.  “Let’s have that as a goal, boys!  Save your money, work for it, and you can buy those bracelets.  As many rides as you want…it will be GREAT!!”

Enter this year…after 12 months (literally) of the boys talking about the infamous bracelets.  And they did well, working for their money doing some extra chores around the house.



They were so excited, walking to the park.  Bracelet this and that.  “As many rides as we want!”  And we could only afford to buy them 5 rides a piece.  2 more than last year…but 5 rides?  UGH.

Erick took them to his knee…got down on their level, and explained that we messed up.    That there would be no bracelets.  There was a little quivering of lips, a tiny bit of dejection (as in mere seconds)…and then they took it like champs.  Totally surprised me; I was expecting major hurt, major tears. But they put brave smiles on and pumped their fists and said “let’s get going!”  MOTHER MUSH.

 After their 3rd ride, when we said “You only have 2 rides left!”  We heard “YAY!  2 rides LEFT!”  After EVERY single ride…the slide, 2 maze houses, a little train and a roller coaster, they would come off and yell “THAT WAS AWESOME!”

Shocker, y’all.  Erick and I just kept glancing at each other, full of love and just so proud of our kids.  I captured a 3 second clip after their very last ride…


Shouldn’t we all be as resilient as children?

This was Luke’s “ride”…after we were finished, the boys got some good park time in.

After park time, we walked home, gathered our blankets and bug spray, then walked back for the fireworks.  I’m totally ruined on 4th of July fireworks…having to drive and get stuck in traffic.  I love that we can just take a 5 minute walk to the park for the show during the last night of our festival!


 Time for the shop stuff!  We have a giveaway going on at my sweet Scandinavian friend’s blog for this…

Total fun in a chalkboard, you guys.  Hop on over to visit and sign up to win one!  And check out the company that Tezz works for.  Total Sign Love.


  You know when you get an idea in your head, and you think “I can get this done, no problemo!”  And then, like 6 hours later, completely brain dead and cross-eyed you finally finish?  And it is SO WORTH IT?  That happened yesterday.  But even though I was brain dead, I stayed up half the night thinking up new signs, just like this one.  I’m really thrilled with it and the direction they could go!

That enough pictures for you?  Ha!  I’ve always had a love affair with different font combinations and lettering.  I adore the simplicity of my stamped signs, but this excites me just as much!  Oh, the ideas I have rolling around in my brain, y’all!  I’m pretty sure my parents have claimed this one, but I’ll put more in the shop, asap.  The intro price is the same as the stamped signs; $40.  I’m going to see how it goes; if you want one, hop on it before I decide my crossed eyes are worth more.  LOL.

So!  If you stuck in there with this post, congratulations to you!  Have a glorious week.   I’ll pop in again soon. 🙂