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So.  I haven’t been super active on the blog/Facebook the last week.  We’ve all been in a bit of a stunned frenzy.  I think that’s a good way to put it!

I’ll just out with it; mom created a poster, dad sent it in to L.L. Bean, and they liked it!

 Yehaw!  They wanted it mounted on something, though, so from Thursday of last week to yesterday morning, things went like this…

saw, sand, drill, paste, cut…mess up mess up mess up, think think, get creative try again…rinse and repeat.  We’ve gotten to know the guy at the print shop verrrryyyyy well!


It was a small initial order; 12 of each size.  Just to see if it’s a “go”.  But no matter if it’s a “go” or not…what a cool opportunity.  What a blessing.  They dropped the posters off in person yesterday and their best friends documented it.  So exciting!

Big happenings around this place!  And honestly, a bit of a dream come true.  L.L. Bean is practically our second home.  So proud of my parents!