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Ok y’all, this is just for starters, mind you, and I’ve never done it before so it’s not uber-professional.  Here’s to amateur work done during nap times! Remember how I mentioned I was going to try to work up a little design board for our dream lake house?  I think I’ll need more than one house!  I started planning and just can’t stop.  Keep in mind that because this is pure dreaming, I paid no attention whatsoever to prices. 😀

First off, I found this little darling.  Click on the picture; it will take you to the plans. Tiny, with potential to expand.  Love it.  It makes my heart pitter patter!  There are some beauties in this website!

Ok, some furnishings for starters.

1.  The couch.  Holy Moly, right?  Those ottomans pull out.  Line them against the wall or about the room, or pull them in for the best nap ever!  Love the gray.  Please disregard that tv.  There will be no tv in the house!

2.  The ceiling fan; make the glass light fixture more of a clear glass instead of that opaque color and I’ll take it.  Must have ceiling fans.  Actually…just found this one; it’s a little more my style.

3.  Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rugs are AMAZING.  We have a small one for our bathroom, and I’m saving my pennies for a large one for our living room.  Throw it on the driveway and hose it down; my kind of clean up!

4.  Love this cheery fabric for some drapes!

5.  Map pillows.  Yes please.  {I’m slightly pillow obsessed; there would certainly be more than one.  Or five.  Or ten. 🙂 }.

6.  Anchor doormat.  Need a place to wipe those sandy toes.

7. I imagine by the time we build our house, we’ll either have grandchildren or great grands.  So I’d need a place to rock those babies.  I’ll take two of them!

And…where there are not windows, there will be art!  Every square inch.

1.  I’d probably make lots of it.  🙂  Just because I love to create.

2.  One of my favorite screen prints ever!

3.  Vintage paint by numbers all over the place.  All. Over. The. Place.

4.  Don’t mind if I do!

5.  By-the-water time.  Who needs a watch?

6.  Bokeh and boats.  Sigh…

Well, that’s just a beginning.  I had more thrown up on my little boards, but they were looking a bit cluttery.  I shall be revisiting this subject again soon!