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Friday, Erick rounded up the boys and took them to his mom’s house for some good grammy time.  I headed out with my parents and we went on an adventure/discuss the business trip. 🙂  I love those kinds of trips!  We left early enough that it was still wonderfully foggy once we reached Wiscasset.  Foggy mornings in Maine are my favorite kind of mornings, hands down.

I was so happy I had my camera.  Beautiful, beautiful day.  We did more, but I’ll save it for the next post.  Went places we’ve never been and stumbled upon a really great find…day vacations are some of my favorites!

So, question; we head to the coast…often.  But I’d love to explore more of the lakes and mountains.  We are going to go camping this week, probably one night, maybe two.  Any good suggestions?  I’d love to hear!