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In the last post I mentioned that we did a bit of new adventuring when we were out.  We decided to head to the Boothbay Botanical Gardens…what a TREAT!  I can’t wait to take the boys; they are going to love it.  We are going to wait for a nice fall day; it was a bit warm when we were there.  I can’t believe we’ve been here for as long as we have and haven’t visited yet!  It’s $12 for adults, but we borrowed 2 library passes, so it wasn’t that bad for us.  But I dare say $12 a person is worth it!  We didn’t even begin to touch all that was there.

{3 whale rocks with water spouts in the Children’s Garden}

It was so pretty.  Makes me want to get in gear at my house and plant some wild color around this place!

After the Garden, we decided to go somewhere new and settled on Friendship.  Remember the Casper the Friendly Ghost movie that came out so long ago?  16, 17 years ago…something like that.  It “took place” in Friendship (don’t know if it was really filmed there or not; does anyone know?) and when we were on vacation so many years ago, we tried and failed to find it.  We decided to go for it this time; it was a lovely drive and a cute little town.

There was a gorgeous house behind me; I should of snapped a picture.  I could wake up to that view every day for sure.  After we finished in Friendship, we drove up the other side of the peninsula, and on the way, we saw a small sign that said “Olsen House”.  OLSEN house!! We were in Cushing!  We are big Wyeth fans, so that was an excellent surprise find.  Here’s a picture of Christina’s World to jog your memory;

Here’s the real thing…

We couldn’t afford the tour of the house, but we wandered the grounds; right across the road, we saw a little cemetery at the end of the lane…

It was such a beautiful spot.  The Olsons were all buried here as well.  Since we couldn’t afford the tour, I looked up the Olson House to find a little more history, and read that the field and cemetery across the street were on private property and off-limits.  {nervous giggle}.  Oops!

After that fun find, we wound our way to Camden and ate on the Camden Deli’s deck; nice way to end the day.

Have I ever mentioned I love Maine? 😀

Alright, that’s a wrap.  It’s been a momentous week for the boys around this house, including Luke’s First Birthday.  Our baby is ONE!! I’m going to share all the details in a day or two; this morning we are getting ready to head out and go camping tonight.  So I’ll have a few more pictures to share, I’m sure. Time to get packing; have a beautiful day…