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I told Erick the other day that I’d love to be able to beat the boys up; he gave me one of those looks and I said “In the MORNING, honey”.  I’d like to get up before they do! Geesh!:)

While I managed to do so for a while this summer, the past week or so has been a different story.  Not for my lack of arising early, I can assure you!  Either Jack or Luke (or both) have been waking up right as I do lately.  Morning is my “blogging time”, so it’s been rare for a bit and I must catch up.  First things first…my week 7 Psalms post.  I wrapped up my study last Thursday.  I LOVED it.  I took good notes, but haven’t had the chance to write about it until this morning…and I can’t find the notes or my binder at the moment! I’m so bummed, and I enjoyed it too much to write a post from memory, so I’m going to scour the house today and write one that is worthy asap.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few pictures of our {kind of} camping trip.  Later I need to catch you up on my one year old, a gappy grin and Ryan’s new talent.  So much going on!  Too few early mornings by myself!

We had intended on slipping away for a vacation this summer, but sometimes intentions fall short.  We had discussed going to Vermont for a couple of days, staying in a hotel with a swimming pool and hitting up the Ben and Jerry’s factory, but the money just never presented itself.  Sigh.  So we thought we’d camp out closer to home for a couple of nights, but the forecast was rainy one of the two nights we wanted to camp {and our rain fly is missing!}, so it was  knocked back to one night, and to save on gas we decided to camp 20 minutes away.  LOL.  Our poor vacation relegated to one night, 20 minutes away.  {The boys were super about it though.  I love them so}. To top it off, our air mattress is kaput, and because sleeping directly on the ground is a non-option for me, and Luke is STILL not sleeping through the night, I decided to zip home in the evening and sleep in my own bed; mom came home too.  Great intentions, people!  It makes me laugh just reading about it. 😀  Despite all that, we did have a wonderful time!

We settled on Two Rivers Campground in Skowhegan.  It was wonderful!  Clean and quiet; a swimming pool, great playground and sandbox; even tetherball!  I played with my boys; I haven’t even seen a tetherball pole since elementary school!  Our site was RIGHT on the river.  So beautiful.  Although we didn’t use them this time (not enough time to fit everything in) they had paddle boats to use; I would love to go back and take advantage.

Ready for the camera dump?  Some are from me, the amazing ones are from dad.

Funny Story; mom and dad bought Luke his FIRST stroller for his birthday.  Can you believe that?  He is absolutely smitten with it, and when we sat him in this chair he pumped his little legs thinking he could make it go.  Hahaha.

That’s it for now; I can hear my Jack stirring!  If he wakes up before Luke, he likes to cuddle…and I’ll never turn big boy cuddles down. 🙂  Coming back this week with a few more posts; prayers for sleepy boys in the mornings appreciated!