Playing Saturday Morning Catch Up!

On the 7th, my baby turned one.  Yep! In typical Murray fashion, we had a low-key family party.  Luke now has a couple of baby toys, believe it or not.  He has had nothing but big boy toys to play with since birth, so he was quite taken with the bright and shiny things!  So were his brothers. 🙂  But let me tell you; his favorite thing of all is probably the stroller; Papa and Nonnie bought (momma) a stroller for his birthday; I no longer have to carry him every where I go!  And because it’s such a novelty for him, he can’t get enough of it.  I have to push him around the house in the silly thing.

And right around the time Luke had a birthday, our other two hit some little milestones as well; this kid became quite gappy. 🙂  I loved it when the bottom two were gone, but those top two missing are always so darling.

And Ryan, bless him, hopped right on his bike for the first time this summer and took off without his training wheels.  My poor children don’t get much bicycling in (something which I need to change, stat), so there has never been much time for practicing.  He’s a master Roller Skater, and those are so easy to pop on that they are his normal mode of wheeled transportation.  But a couple of weeks ago we hauled his bike out of the garage and he just…took off.  And ya’ll, he was so proud, it was the cutest thing.  Here are the boys on their wheels; well, 2 out of three, anyway…

Luke might appear a little concerned up there, but in reality he’s thinking “faster! faster!”

And I’m thinking “slow down!  too fast!” in terms of time, that is.  It’s flying, a little too quickly for comfort.  But I’ll roll with it; good things to look forward too, as well.

Success! The children are still sleeping.  I woke up at 5 am this morning to try to get this in…and I did!  Wahoo!

Have a super weekend. 🙂