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So…I’m gathering ideas for the boy’s room, and one thing I want to do is spell out their names in Really Big Letters for some fun art.  I’ll paint them in chalkboard paint so I can add some details with chalk; I have the R for Ryan cut out; I’ll make Jack and Luke’s name in different fonts.

(I was trying to use my model for a size reference; he was more interested in drooling on the letter than anything else, though).

Anyway, I decided to snoop around Pinterest to get more ideas for letters, and I found quite a few!  This is just the tip of the iceberg, really. I like how the laser gives you the freedom to make them the size you want (up to just shy of 18 inches) and in about any font that we have on hand.

Source: cb2.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I’ll probably pop mine up with command strips, but I really like how the “love” is strung like a banner; we can put holes in the letters, too!

After the boys names, I think I want a “Mr. and Mrs.” for our bedroom, and a “Sweet Tea” for our kitchen.  What would you do?