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STILL no computer, thus still no new pictures to share, and still working on a slow-as-molasses back-up.  But I just couldn’t wait; I have to share my Amy’s shop with you!  Oh how I love this girl and her creativity.  Blows me right away.  If you are in need of a shower gift, or a kid gift (or a mom gift, for that matter!)…of if you just want to support an amazing woman for the sheer heck of it, please go visit Gathering Wishes!

Don’t those just make your heart happy?  Go visit Amy on Facebook, too; being a momma and business owner is hard work; I can attest to the fact that “likes” make us smile a mile wide! {And purchases make us giggle out loud!}

I have word that my computer parts are currently in the mail to our fixer-upper person, so get ready for a few new posts as soon as it’s back in my hands.  It’s so much easier posting on computer that doesn’t drag it’s feet…  Praying you all have a beautiful, productive, blessed day!