I am typing you…from my new computer.  It’s been months since I’ve had a little screen of my own!  And let me tell you, after I type this I’m buying accidental insurance on this thing.  😉  And not letting little man anywhere near it!

How are you?  There are so many blogs I need to catch up on I don’t think it will ever happen.  So many people I need to write.  Life is going on pretty well over here; the boys are on the tail end of a seemingly never ending cold.  It didn’t hit Jack too badly, but Ryan’s went to his chest, and Luke ended up with roseola.  When I haven’t been cuddling sick boys, I’ve been working on monograms; we are over halfway finished!  Should be done within the week.  Whew!  What a huge project this has been, and what a blessing!  Once the monograms are all shipped out there are a few new products I want to share with you that we are very excited about.

Let’s see…our 13th anniversary was yesterday!  We are in a season of life where time and money are too limited for anything extravagant, but Erick surprised me by coming home at 4 instead of the usual 6…and he came bearing pizza…so it was one fabulous afternoon.  He then toted Ryan off to Cub Scouts…we have an official Scout!  He’s so cute in his uniform; I’ll have to take a picture asap.

On Columbus Day, we took the boys on their first train ride.  Mom and Dad and Grammy came too.  It was AMAZING.  Dad captured this great series of photos as soon as the train started.  Luke’s reaction was awesome; I was able to get a video while dad was snapping away.  SO CUTE.

So sweet, right?!

Here’s my other little man…

On the trip back we went across to the car that was open to the fresh air; it was great!  A little chilly, but the thing I loved most were the smells…one minute you were sniffing balsam pine, the next minute it was salt air by the bay.  Trains are the way to travel! 🙂

Well I need to get off this thing so I can sweep through the house before the boys come home; today was the first day they have been at Grammy’s in a good long while.  I have so much housework to catch up on; yesterday Jack told me he was on the hunt to  find the “ominous” smell in the kitchen.  LOL.  That should give you a clue as to what my priorities haven’t been for a few weeks!  Time to get with it!