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Well Good Glorious Morning to You!

Today is a good day.  A GOOD DAY.  I am in a particularly optimistic mood today…which is awesome, because I spent the vast majority of October in a funk.  The boys were sick y’all, for the entire month.  3 boys, sick, for one month.  It wasn’t even doctor worthy; just congestion and runny noses; the occasional fever, and lots of crankiness going on.  Holy Moly Cow.  I have never been so glad to put a month behind me!  They still have remnants of the junk, but I am praying so hard for a complete turnaround.  I do believe we will survive it.  And I know the above paragraph just sound whiney, but also know that I was counting my blessings in the midst of it.  Could of been so much worse.  I know that {oh how I know that}.  Luckily I had a friend ask if I could come up for something for her, and it was just what I needed…maybe you need it too!  So I worked up 3 versions; they are biggies!  11 x 17.  They aren’t uber professional, but I’m just getting my feet wet with this printable thing.  Pin, share, whatever! They are free for the taking. You can print one at Staples, on card stock, for $2.

Wiping runny noses, for the bajillionth time, can be an offering.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!