Hey friends!

I still have posts to write…I’m not beating the boys up in the morning  these days though, and that is usually my time to write. Silly time change!  Trying to sneak this one in while the baby is entertained…I do want to make a special post for Jack, my newly turned 6 year old.   Now every time something noteworthy happens he wants to know when it’s going on the blog or Facebook!

I did want to quickly let you know about a new deal we have going for the next 3 days on Groopdealz; it’s our Chalkboard Painted Pennant Banner; since Jack’s birthday coincided with pictures of the product it has a good ol’ Happy Birthday on it, but you can write anything you want, of course. 🙂  It’s a new, larger size; 4 inches long, and it comes with 15 pennants.  If you are interested, go here to check it out!

Thanks friends!  Have a lovely week!