That’s what Jack calls himself…he’s the medium child, not the middle child.  He is such a character, you guys.  He turned 6 on November 1st…I snapped a few pictures on the porch; they aren’t super quality because we were both on the swing and it wasn’t very steady. 🙂  But I pretty much captured his spirit!

Erick took the boys bowling when he got off work while I stayed home to prepare the pizza and cake…when they got home he dived into his gifts…mainly Mario and Cars stuff.  His favorite gift was a Mario Plush toy.  He has NOT let go of that little man yet.  So funny.  He is such an actor!  He enjoys it so much that I went ahead and ordered a few more (Luigi, Bowser, Peach) to give the boys for Christmas; all they do is act out plays.  I love to watch their creativity.

Jack is either going to be an actor, or an artist, or an architect, or all 3…his creativity really astounds me!

And he is going to be an amazing dad.  That kid is going to rock it in the father department.  This is how our conversation went yesterday morning:

Jack: “So…how exactly do you choose to have a baby?”

Me: “Errr…Umm…Actually, God decides that, kiddo.”  {Whew}

Jack:  “Well, I wish I could make that decision!”

Me:  “What would your choice be Jack?”

Jack: “I would choose that we would have 10 more boys!  And then 10 girls!”

RYAN:  “Wow, that would make one big house!”

Me:  “You mean one cramped house!”

Jack: “Well, let’s see.  We have 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a porch, a laundry room, an attic, and a basement.  That’s, um, 11 Rooms!!  We have a MANSION!  We can do it!  Oh, and you would be pregnant for SO many days!”

Hahaha.  Yep, pregnant for too many days.  Can you imagine?

Anyway, this kid is full of passion.  Passion that can drive me right up the wall, but is destined to be used for good.  I can just feel it…and it gets me through the days where he makes me a little bit crazy.  Ok, so a lot crazy.

Oh yeah, he questioned why his voice hadn’t changed the minute he turned 6 years old.  That kind of disappointed him.  Ha!

Loving seeing you grow up kiddo, and blessed that I was chosen to be your mom!  So excited to see what God has in store for you!