First things first, my baby is close to sleeping through the night…we think!  I hate to jump the gun on saying anything, but Luke is 15 months old and we are tired.  LOL.  He is our first to go so long not sleeping…and in our bed…{obviously I have issues with letting my children cry.  no judging please!} 🙂  Anyway, I’ve spent a couple of nights away in the past, and he’s always done fairly well when I do that.  So Sunday night, I spent the night at mom and dad’s, and Erick, bless him, consoled Luke half the night but was pretty firm on keeping him in his crib.  About 1 o’clock he finally passed out fairly hard and slept until 5:30.  Round two last night…he woke up around 9:30, Erick held him, put him back in his crib, and he slept straight through until 5:30 again.  I think I’ll do one more night at mom and dad’s…of course the trick will be seeing if the same thing happens once I’m home!  And then we’ll have to move him into the boy’s room…wondering if maybe we should do that tonight…hmmm…

Anyway.  Progress, people!  Yehaw!

Yesterday was beautiful/gorgeous/wonderful, so I somehow managed to find some matching clothes in our closets, and we headed to the old SAS shoe factory in town for some pictures.  Fun times!  Jack was adamant about having Mario in some pictures, so Ryan decided to bring his bear along as well.  Haha.

Luke wasn’t too hip to staying in one place with his brother’s this year. This was the best we could get!

OH, locals…between the old pharmacy and the old SAS factory and the empty storefronts on Main Street…my creative mind is exploding.  So much real estate, so little capital! 😉

Have a great week, friends!!