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Hey friends!

Shameless plug; we have a Very Jane deal going on right now on our Monogram Ornaments…just wanted to make you aware! Click on the picture and it will take you right to it.

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I have another fantastic store to share with you this week; stay tuned!


An update on the sleep thing; my Facebook friends know that I had the best night of sleep Tuesday night than I had in years; I was still bunked at mom and dad’s…I slept from 10 to 5 without blinking an eye!  So amazing!  I was obnoxiously happy all day long! Last night wasn’t too shabby either.  Luke is sleeping much better; Erick says he makes a peep or two at night, but all he has to do is tell him to go back to sleep and he lies right back down and konks out.  So I’m planning on moving back to my own bed tonight or tomorrow night and hoping for sleep success!  I have to tell you that when 6 o’clock rolled around this morning and I heard Luke make a peep, I rushed right in there, gathered him up and cuddled the dickens out of him.  Part of me relishes uninterrupted sleep…part of me doesn’t mind cuddling babies in the middle of the night…no matter how old they get!

Have a great day y’all!