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The Abbreviated Version:

My mom was friends with MJ, and I was friends with her daughter Krista.  They moved wayyyy back in ’93, I think, and then WE moved a few years later, and there was a decade and a half of nothing…then BAM!  Facebook reconnect.  Of course! God works through Facebook too! 🙂

Which is so cool, because MJ and Krista are running a mother/daughter business; they have this great little embroidery shop in Dallas.  But Krista and her husband just had a sweet baby girl, and they would love to someday work from home instead of going into the store everyday.  So they jumped on the online bandwagon to offer their services!  They sent me a surprise package the other day, and you guys…it was pure sunshine and sparkles.  I can’t decide whether to put these right up on the mantle or surprise the boys on Christmas Day, because they would come into the living room and flat out DIE OF HAPPINESS that morning.  What to do…what to do??

And look at these pillow cases!  Those are going under the tree for sure.  And the backpack?  SO CUTE!

They have a wide variety of products…their Facebook page is here and their Store is here….they also have an Etsy store here.  They are two fantastic ladies, friends, and would do you right.  I’m sure they would appreciate your business!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!